Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Words + Photos: Summer Edition

I've been horrible at keeping you updated this summer.  That goals list I had all planned out?  It hasn't even begun.  For some reason, all I want to do is sleep....and eat!  So here is a quick recap of our summer, with words and photos.

Right after vacation, I had a spa day with my mom and sister.  Everyone deserves a spa day after vacation, am I right?  They had massages and I had a facial.

Our church had VBS kick-off at the skate castle.  The daddies took over and helped the littles learn to skate.

Several pool days have happened, like this one.

During Agency D3 VBS, Mrs. Amy had Agent Challenges each morning.  K got to participate and had to race another child in building the tallest Lego tower.  She won :)

We've had a few family game nights--our favorite is Crazy Eights.

We have perfected our stunting.

And our tans.

We had car races.... sort of.

And overall, are just completely soaking up every second of our summer!

Even without that silly to-do list, this first month of summer has been amazing!  We only have one more month left, but here's to more good times!

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