100 Happy Things

While reading a few of my running blogs, I came across Ali on the Run's list of 100 happy things.  I thought it was a GREAT idea, and one I should copy.  This list is a daily work in progress and will be linked on my home page.

The purpose of this list is to help me be consistently aware of the little things that make me happy, and all the reasons I have to smile each day.

  1. Morning snuggles with my girls.
  2. New magazines.
  3. Blog comments.
  4. Nachos.
  5. The perfect fried egg (cooking it, not eating it.)
  6. Stretching.
  7. Competitive running.
  8. Popcorn.
  9. Tacos.
  10. Cookie Dough.
  11. Coffee.
  12. Dr. Pepper.
  13. Fast and Furious movies.
  14. Alex O'Loughlin.
  15. Alex O'Loughlin shirtless.
  16. Early morning runs.
  17. K & L giggles.
  18. Puppy love.
  19. Road trips.
  20. Sunflower seeds.
  21. Sneezing.
  22. Being sore from a really great workout.
  23. Ocean air.
  24. Homemade salsa.
  25. Concerts.
  26. Eating out at a restaurant.
  27. When my girls want to run with me.
  28. Libby's made-up songs.
  29. Kyndall's "jokes".
  30. Yoga.
  31. Music.
  32. Tank tops.
  33. Tattoos.
  34. Pinterest.
  35. Eminem <--the rapper
  36. Blue M&M's <--the snack
  37. The smell of gasoline (Weird, I know.)
  38. Broccoli (Steamed, with salt.)
  39. Actually being able to keep flowers alive.
  40. Babies.
  41. Rookie Blue.
  42. Nashville, the tv show.
  43. Nashville, the city.
  44. Running in the rain (Never thought I would say I loved this, but I tried it, and I do!!)
  45. Listening to Kyndall read a book.
  46. Rainy, lazy days.
  47. Late night conversations with friends.
  48. Driving.
  49. Singing out loud.  (Note:  It makes ME happy, but not necessarily the person listening.)
  50. Just right naps. (You know, not so short that it just makes me mad but not so long that it keeps me from sleeping at night.)
  51. Laughing.  
  52. Stories told by my parents and grandparents.
  53. Food fresh from the grill.
  54. Bacon wrapped jalepenos.
  55. Bacon wrapped shrimp.
  56. Just bacon.
  57. Lazy evenings with friends.
  58. Movies outside.
  59. Really good books.
  60. A stack of ironed clothes, ready for the week.
  61. Completed scrapbook pages.
  62. A wood-burning fire during the cold season
  63. Watching a movie in the theater.  LOVE this.
  64. Red Sour Patch Kids.   Yes, I ONLY eat the red ones.
  65. Snow.  (Being in Alabama, I think it's more the unexpected surprise of snow than the actual snow!)
  66. LIPSTICK JUNGLE! Can't BELIEVE that NBC cancelled this show! UGH!
  67. Freshly painted nails.
  68. Inspiring blog posts (aka Lisa Jo Baker)
  69. An organized closet, pantry, or cabinet.
  70. Writing.
  71. Sharing memories.
  72. Scrapbooking digitally.

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