About Me

Hey ya'll.  I'm Courtney.  Almost eleven years ago, I was lucky enough to marry that good lookin' man--he's Justin.  We are just a couple of young-ish parents doing our best to raise those two beautiful girls you see and getting ready to add a little boy to our brood.  We live in Alabama and here I'll share all about the beautiful and the crazy that make up our life.  

We have 2 furr-babies--a yorkie and a mixed-breed I lovingly refer to as "the beast."   I love Jesus, football (Roll Tide), Nascar, reading, running, and trying to talk Justin into another vacation.  

To learn more about me, go here.

Things I love:
nachos and chips and salsa--not together, of course
exercise (preferably running!)
a tall stack (or carousel, on my Kindle Fire) of books to read
dirt under my fingernails
water--the lake, the ocean, the pool
fast cars
comments from blog readers

Thanks for stopping by ya'll!  I'd love to hear from you-- comment or email me anytime!

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