30 Before 30

This year, I did not make the first New Year's Resolution.  Usually, I have a list of things I want to change/better/perfect/do in the new year.  I did, however, make a different list.  Yesterday, I turned 28.  I've seen TONS of super cute 30 Before 30 lists, and I want to join those ranks.

30 Before 30
  1. Run the Color Run 5K.
  2. Go on a cruise to the Bahamas.
  3. Give $30 away to a random stranger.
  4. Place a bet on 30 red/ 30 black on Roulette.
  5. Go to a wine tasting.
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  7. Give up caffeine for 30 days. 
  8. Do the Avon 2-day breast cancer walk (preferably in New York, preferably with Carrie-hint, hint).
  9. Take a pole dancing class--with friends, just for fun. (Don't panic Mom!)
  10. Go on a road trip with just my girls (and the GPS for my directionally-impaired self).
  11. Go to Vegas.
  12. Get a tattoo.
  13. Kill a deer- 6 points or bigger.
  14. Run the Country Music Half Marathon.
  15. See Jerrod Neimann in concert.
  16. Cheer on Kasey Kane and Dale Jr. at a Nascar race.
  17. Sing Karaoke in public.
  18. Go see a movie at a theater alone.
  19. See a play.
  20. Wakeboard. (See here.)
  21. Take a yoga class.
  22. Go to a fortune teller/ psychic/ palm reader.
  23. Go to Jamaica.
  24. Visit New Orleans.
  25. Write a book.  Or part of a book.
  26. Visit Ground Zero.
  27. Warrior dash. (twice)
  28. Go to an event for which I have to really dress up--a gala, banquet, something.
  29. Learn conversational Spanish.
  30. Start a business, even if it's just on etsy. (Crafty Cookie Boutique, established July 2012)

Red= Completed task

Anyone have any experience with any of these? Any volunteers to train me for that half marathon?  Partners in crime for a trip or concert?  Just let me know! =)

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