Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our Family is Growing!

Our family is growing!! After several years of struggles and loss, we are expecting a new little one in February of 2015.

We weren't quite ready to spill the beans about our secret.  We had a "plan" to wait until after 12 weeks to share this great news, but our big girl is very smart, very perceptive, and just plain old nosey.

Both girls have known we wanted to add to our family.  We have even discussed adoption with them. So while we have spoken hypothetically for several years about a new baby, we both stopped talking about it when we found out we may actually have a new baby.

The girls have the habit of jumping on me--either up in my lap or onto my back, whether I am paying attention or not.  Justin had started getting on to them for doing that the past several weeks, and Kyndall has been questioning why, all of a sudden, that is not ok.

On the day I had my doctors appointment, I told the girls I had to go for a check-up.   Libby and I joked because the last check-up I went to, I had to get a shot and she had to hold my hand.  For some reason, Kyndall wasn't buying the "check-up" excuse.  She questioned and questioned and questioned.  Justin and I both blew her off, but she knew something was up.

Two things happened to make us go ahead and share our news with the girls.

1.  I corrected Kyndall for jumping on my back for the first time, and she broke down.  She really couldn't understand why she was suddenly too big to play rough with Mom.  I called Justin soon after this happened and told him we needed to go ahead and tell them.  As I said earlier, she is very smart and I think she could understand not jumping on me because of a baby much easier than she could not jumping because she had grown too much!

2. I got a bill in the mail from Huntsville Hospital.  It was from some early bloodwork I had done at the lab, but I noticed Kyndall got a strange expression on her face when she saw it.  I again shrugged her off and went on in the house.  Minutes later, Libby comes in saying that Kyndall had told her I was going to have a baby.  While Kyndall didn't KNOW this to be true, she strongly suspected.  I danced my way around actually answering that, but when Justin got home, we sat both girls down and gave them the good news.

When Justin said "We have some good news for you!", Libby piped up, "We're having a baby!" And while I think they both really suspected that was the news, when we told them, it took a few times of them saying "Is it true?  Really?  For real?" to truly believe.  Libby even asked if we were adopting one, because my belly isn't big.  Don't worry sister, it's getting there!

Both girls want a boy, which surprised me.  Libby has come up with the names Jack and Rose (and she's never even seen Titanic).  I'm pretty sure we won't go with either of those, but I'm glad she's making suggestions.

While we are super thrilled, our family covets your prayers.  After one scary experience, we are anxious this time.  We are being hopeful, and prayerful, for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

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