Friday, November 7, 2014

Third Grade Field Trip (AKA Pumpkin Patch Visit #3)

Earlier in the week, Justin and I went to Gullion Farms with Kyndall's third grade class.  She insisted we both go because Libby got us both on her field trip, and this was only fair :)

There were big slide races--Kyndall won every time. She used her hands to push herself down faster, which was HILARIOUS.

 She shared a swing with her teacher--they even both jumped out at the same time at the end.

She got corn in places no one wants corn.

We all took turns milking Ellie the cow.  Poor thing--she is seven months pregnant too, so we could be twins :) PS: Kyndall was too busy milking to look at the camera.

Kyndall really enjoyed all the animals--donkeys, horses, goats, chickens, rabbits, and this little guy (ha!).

They were even able to help gather eggs from the henhouse!

Gullion Farms is a "true" farm experience.  Kyndall loved it, even though she's been around farming her whole life.  It was really funny watching the kids that had never been to a farm though--they just thought everything was gross.  You mean, bacon comes from that cute little pig? My Big Bacon from Jacks Restaurant is from Ellie the cow?  What is that SMELL??

We had a great day, just the three of us.  I'm really loving these one-on-one "dates" with my girls :)

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