Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Field Trip!!! (And pumpkin patch visit #2)

Just so you know, if there is a pumpkin patch anywhere near us, you can trust that the West family has been there.  Between personal visits and field trips, we are experts on pumpkin patches in the south.

Last week, Libby's class ventured out to 4-D Family Farms in Hanceville, Alabama.  (It's kind of a tradition around these parts to go to a farm/pumpkin patch in the fall.  Kyndall's class will be going in a few weeks.)

In case you didn't know, I'm growing a baby. (That explains the awkward hand placement in the above photo, right?) Add to that the fact that my sugar has been wonky, causing me to pass out a few times, and Justin felt the need to go with us to the pumpkin patch.    Whatever his reasons, Libby was ecstatic that both of us were going with her.  

She enjoyed that cow train, really.  Even though her facial expression says otherwise.

And this slide was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  It made me a little sad that I couldn't go down it with her.  Check out that static-filled hair... I mean, does that just scream FUN or what?

Best photo of the day goes to this one.  I'm pretty sure she was bouncing on her butt on the pillow jump.  Fun stuff.

It's a rare occasion that the girls get individual attention from Mommy and Daddy at the same time.  Libby really soaked us up on this trip.  (We'll both be going on Kyndall's trip in a few weeks, so it's fair.)  

I love that we were able to do this before Jase gets here and I hope to make individual dates more of a priority in the future.  These sweet girls are growing so fast and I want the chance to revel in the age that they are, right now.

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