Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week In The Life: Wednesday Words + Photos

5:55 am- Alarm goes off.  I pull Libby up from my bed (again) and we take a quick shower together.  Kyndall had hers last night at Emily's, so she's good to sleep for a little longer.

6:30 am- Breakfast--waffles with powdered sugar and chocolate chips for the girls, Special K cereal for me, breakfast bar for Justin on the way to work.

7:00 am- Word of the day:  Hair.  Today at school are Santa pictures, so I curled both girls' hair this morning.

7:15 am- School.  Today, both girls' extra was library, so they got to see me!  Holiday weeks are some of the only times we watch movies (I usually read stories), but all the classes are watching Spookly the Square Pumpkin this week.

11:45 am- The girls finally got their picture made with Santa, just before lunch.  Kyndall asked him for a Minecraft game for the XBox and Libby asked for a Crayola Marker Maker.

3:00 pm- After school we went straight home to get ready for the Halloween Trunk or Treat at our church. (Talk about a mash-up of holidays, right?)  Kyndall is dressing as Hermione from Harry Potter, so she needed wavy hair.  (See--more hair!!) We wet it just a bit and then did lots and lots of teeny tiny little braids.

(Photo courtesy of Libby--she hasn't quite learned how to take 'sharp' pictures yet.)

5:30 pm- All ready and headed to the church.

7:00 pm- Trunk or Treating, hay riding, hot dog eating, and hot air balloon riding at TBC.  Of course, there were 7,378 Elsa's there :)

8:30 pm- We made it home just after 8:00.  The girls pulled off their costumes and laid them out for Friday night's festivities and then all but fell into bed.  They were asleep within five minutes, and I wasn't far behind.

Story from today: I had intentionally not signed Justin up to help at the Fall Festival last night so that he could help me watch the girls.  Of course, he got hit up Sunday night and agreed to work a shift at one of the blow-up slide.  About five minutes into his shift, the generator on the slide quit working so he was able to walk around with us anyways.  In other words, if you need anything, I have a direct line to God =)

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