Friday, October 31, 2014

Week In The Life: Thursday Words + Photos

5:55 am- I know.  I know she is not supposed to be in here.  But look how sweet and cuddly she is.  She just sleeps so well in our bed.

6:30 am- Breakfast of champions:  waffles with powdered sugar and chocolate chips.  (No chocolate chips for Libby).

7:27 am- Time for school.  Libby has a sub today so she was asked to come straight to her room to help the sub get "situated."  She LOVED this, of course.  Today was also popcorn day, so I scavenged in my purse to find $1 for each of them.

3:30 pm- Hair therapy for everyone..... well, except Daddy.  I really love this photo--Libby's turn getting her hair cut and Kyndall is waiting patiently.  What did we ever do before electronic devices?

6:30 pm- Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster, because this is Justin's "THING".  He is all about getting his money's worth.  And each time he ordered a new plate, I told myself to take a picture before he started in on it.  I even had my phone RIGHT beside me and somehow still managed to not get a picture.  So how about a stock photo from, just to make you hungry? ;)

The story of our evening involved a little later bedtime (8:30), braiding Kyndall's hair in a million tiny braids so she can be Hermione tomorrow at school, laying costumes out, singing Hush-A-Bye and You Are My Sunshine (because those are our nighttime songs), and a pregnant mommy (literally) falling into bed, exhausted.

*Notes from today--As far as daily photos, I took a lot less today.  As in, three total photos.  Oops.  I have taken several through the week of little things:  weather screenshots, random decor throughout the house.  When I finally get around to doing these pages and printing them, I'll have those as "fillers".

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