Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week In The Life: Friday Words + Photos

6:15 am- When I woke Libby up this morning, from my bed, the first words she said were "I slept AWESOME!"

7:15 am- It's Halloween, so both girls got to wear their costumes to school.  They had cookies and candy and games and TONS of fun.

3:30 pm- Super quick, fifteen minute rest time for the pregnant mama who had too little sleep last night and too many sweets today.  All while piled in the recliner with two girls and a monster of a dog.  Max doesn't seem to mind how he needs to lay--on, under--as long as he's with his people.  He does seem to want to lay his head on my belly lately....bonding with Baby Jase already :)

6:00 pm- Trunk or Treat, take 2 at GraGra and Pops church.  Games and food and fun.  Too cold for any pictures, whatsoever.

8:00 pm- Home again, home again.  The girls wrapped up in warm pajamas and watched TV while Justin and I caught up on our "games"--Candy Crush for him, Hay Day for me.  Yes, I know we are both a little late on the times :)

The girls went to sleep sometime around 10:00 and Justin and I weren't far behind.  Another day in the books :)

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