Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Monday Words & Photos

5:55 am- I unwrap Libby's arms from around me as the alarm goes off.  YES, she is still in our beds most nights.  We really need a bigger bed.

6:25 am- Libby has been begging to wake up to an alarm, so I set her iPad alarm for 6:27 and go to wake up Kyndall.

6:30 am- Breakfast:  waffles with powdered sugar and chocolate chips for Kyndall, Special K for Libby, oatmeal for me, and microwaved sausage biscuits for Justin.

7:20 am- Walk in at school and begin our day.  On Mondays, both of the girls have art.

3:00 pm- Home from school and start homework.  Kyndall works on math while Libby reads her story to me.

5:00 pm- Dinnertime!  Chicken Spaghetti (that was just a bit too cheesy).  Battle with Libby over eating.  The girl doesn't want to eat anything.  We go to war over food every single day.

5:45 pm- A walk around the neighborhood and a little b-ball game in the driveway.

7:00 pm- Showers for the girls.

7:30 pm- The girls curl up in bed and watch Liv and Maddie on TV to unwind while I get clothes/backpacks/lunches ready for tomorrow.

8:00 pm- Bedtime for girls, a cup of decaf coffee for Mommy, last weeks' episodes of Nashville and Scandal for Mommy and Daddy.

9:30 pm-Bedtime for me.  Justin usually falls asleep on the couch while watching the news and comes to bed around 11:00.

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