Monday, October 13, 2014

I Heart Fall.....And Especially Pumpkin Patches

We have a tradition.  (Ok, we have a lot of traditions, but this is our 'fall' one.)  Every October, for the past six years, we take a trip to a semi-local pumpkin patch with our friends.  We've visited Tate Farms, 4D farms, Gullion farms, and Lyon Family farms.  We pick our pumpkins, take our requisite photos, play, and just enjoy the day together.

Here we are last year at Lyon Family farms.

And the year before at Gullion Farms.

Previous years' photos were not digital and could not be located for this post.  I've really got to get a better handle on photo organization.

This year, we went to Tate Farms again.  We had a new little one with us--next year should really be an adventure with two little ones who are mobile!

How 'bout that baby bump? :)

The girls each chose a pumpkin from the patch to be carved/painted when we get home.

Libby really wanted a picture of me with Baby Jase sitting on a pumpkin, so there's that....

The kids bounced on the pillow jump, rolled in the corn, and got lost in the hay maze.  We had ice-cold lemonade, cotton candy, and absolutely perfect fall weather.  I couldn't have imagined a better day!

If you don't have the tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch in the fall, I strongly recommend it.  Also, we are always open for suggestions of new patches to visit, so if you know of a place, let me know!