Monday, October 21, 2013

Field Trippin' with my Baby Girl

The baby girl and I went on a field trip to Tate Farms with her class today.  It was so much fun, made even better because I was able to devote my entire attention to just her.  The majority of our time, both girls are together, so to get to spend individual time with them is precious.

We started out with a hayride to the pumpkin patch, where we both got to pick our own pumpkins.

Then, there was a little playtime on the monster slide and playset.  

We followed that up with time in the hay maze.  I didn't get any pictures, because Libby wanted me to go through with her.  She thought it was more fun to try and get lost than to actually try to find her way out!  After the hay maze, we took some time on the pillow jump.  Again, no pictures.  A mom that was with us (from our school but another class), was jumping, slipped, and very obviously broke her ankle.  I'll spare you the details, but it was VERY obvious.  An ambulance had to be called and everything.  I was a little sidetracked, so no photos.

I took enough photos in the corn crib to make up for everything though.  What is it about all that corn that makes such cute photos?  (Shameless plug--Crafty Cookie made those shirts, so if you are interested in a personalized tee, hit me up!)

Fun photos with friends:

Some playtime on the firetruck:

And we wrapped it all up with lunch at Rosie's Cantina, because it's just not a field trip until you've had a GOOD lunch!

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