Tuesday, September 9, 2014


In between soccer and cheerleading, school has started back.  As usual, our school had Open House night, where kids and parents both come to meet the teacher.  The girls love it, mostly because they get to see the friends they haven't seen all summer.  (They love their teachers too, but they already know them, being TK's and all.  That's teacher's kids, for those of you who don't know.)

Libby has Mrs. Flack.  As of Open House night, she was super excited about first grade. As of the time I'm writing this post, she is almost-ok with first grade.  The two weeks in the middle have been very questionable.  She said she loved her teacher.  She said she loved her friends.  She said the work wasn't hard.  But every single night she cried.  And asked to be home-schooled.  And every single morning she cried.  And asked to be home-schooled. It's been a long road from Open House night until today, and I'm hoping (and praying!) that she at least stays "almost-ok" with first grade.  I'm wishing it even gets better.

On the bright side, Kyndall has Mrs. Downs and is loving every single second of third grade.  Her teacher is a fun and even stands on her head if the whole class gets an "A" on a test.  Last week, she did the Ice Bucket Challenge with her class, at school.  Kyndall also has most of her best friends in her class, which makes it even better.

(Excuse my crummy photos....I think my almost-10-year-old camera is ready to hit the grave!)

As for me, school is coasting right along.  It's more exhausting than usual (wonder why? ha!), but definitely just as gratifying.  God has truly put me right where I need to be--I see close to 600 students multiple times each week.  I know 500 of them by name--I'm still working on those Kindergarteners!  I get hugs, and belly rubs, and interesting conversation all day long.  What's not to love?

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