Monday, September 8, 2014

Ra, Ra Ree! Kick 'Em in the Knee!

As mentioned in my previous post, Libby has started cheering this year! She loves it, and I love watching her.  (I'm not a good "cheer mom" though.  I think they are cute, regardless of whether they do the cheers right or not!)

Mal is helping coach her squad, which makes cheering even more special for Libby.  She walks around the house now, cheering or cartwheeling, or high-V'ing.  As if she wasn't loud enough before :)

She loves dressing up in her uniform and "cheer bow".

Most of all, I think she loves having her own "thing".  Kyndall has had soccer and basketball, and even softball a time or two.  Libby has never been interested in sports, but she is soaking up the fact that people come to her "big games" (as she calls them), just to watch her!

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