Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun at The Gardens

Yesterday, Kyndall's class went on a field trip to the Botanical Gardens to check out the Butterfly Exhibit.  The day was a gorgeously sunny 80 degrees--perfect for an outdoor excursion.

Kyndall and her 'besties' in the Butterfly Garden.  They were on a Scavenger Hunt to find various things around the Garden---a male monarch butterfly, a box turtle, a chrysalis, a quail.

A red-eared turtle.  (Have you ever heard of a red-eared turtle?  Not me!  He had red streaks where his ears would be.)

This was Kyndall's favorite part.  They were "belly fishing" for minnows and small fish.  My girl was ALL about this.  Her hair fell in that nasty water too many times to count, but she nabbed quite a few fish!

Right now, the Gardens has an Alice in Wonderland theme.  These big chairs, along with an extra large tea set and chessboard, were scattered throughout.  They even had a maze with different scenes from the book.

And since a full field trip day is not enough play, these sweet, sweaty boys came home with us after school for a little playtime.  

Last, but not least, the field trip girl with her Mommy.  

If you've never visited the Huntsville Botanical Gardens, it is quite the experience!  Lots of walking, but lots of fun activities too!  And plenty of memory-making opportunities.

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