Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday, Baby Girl Style

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing this post about my baby girl starting Kindergarten.  Tuesday night, she had her end-of-Kindergarten program.  Please excuse me while I go sob in the corner.....

First day:

And now:

Instead of a graduation program, the students all sang songs to go along with each month of the year. They sang one "month" song and then performed a song or poem about something they learned that month.   (Sorry for the video quality---gym lighting isn't conducive to good photos or videos!)

After the songs, each student was called up to receive their Certificate of Completion for Kindergarten.  (Can I just take a second and say how grateful I am for Mrs. Johnson?  Not only is she MY best friend, but she is the absolute BEST Kindergarten teacher in the entire world, hands down.)

And the ending chant, which I think is my favorite.

After the program, we all went back to Libby's class.  Mrs Johnson made each student a scrapbook of their Kindergarten year--complete with pictures, artwork, and handwriting samples each month.  I knew this gift was coming, but it still made cry looking over the 'snapshot' of the last year.

If one of you could discover some ground-breaking, Time Slowing mechanism, I'd pay top dollar for that!  :)


  1. Oh so sweet. And the saying is very true that the days are long but the years are short. Don't blink!

  2. Having a good teacher makes all the difference in the world! : ) Enjoyed the post.