Friday, February 21, 2014

Pocahontas is in the House!

Kyndall's 2nd grade program was this week.  The theme was "Famous Americans."  The kids chose which famous American they wanted to be, and Kyndall chose Pocahontas.  She was gorgeous.  And I'm not partial at all.

She did SO good saying her part.  She said "I am Pocahontas.  My real name is Matoaka.  I am an Indian princess who assisted colonial settlers at Jamestown.  I was one of the many daughters of a powerful chief named Powhatan, who ruled more than 25 tribes."  Beside Kyndall is the above photo is Lora Beth Weatherly as Annie Oakley.

Posing with Mrs. Stephens.  Kyndall has been SO blessed with wonderful teachers in her short school career!

Left to Right:  Gavin Walden as George Washington, Blake Suggs as Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Harrison Johnson as Abraham Lincoln, Kyndall as Pocahontas, and Peyton King as President Barack Obama.

Left to Right: Stella Hill as Sacagawea, Lily Anna Dutton as Laura Ingalls Wilder, and Kyndall.

I was so very impressed with this program.  They had every famous American you could think of--from Olympic athletes to Martin Luther King, Presidents, Presidents' wives, George Washington Carver.  And every student came up with a costume to go with their part.  Super cute and lots of fun!

Personal note:  During the program, Kyndall kept trying to talk to me.  Now, keep in mind, she is standing on a podium in front of several hundred people.  I deciphered the message that she wanted me to take lots of pictures.  One time, she was doing all these crazy hand signals and I had no clue what she was trying to tell me.  After the program, I found out she wanted me to get on to Libby, because she thought Libby was being loud.  Libby was sitting quietly, but was apparently mouthing the words to the song.  Typical Kyndall :)

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