Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From the Camera Roll

I'm shaking things up around here a little bit and doing a "From the Camera Roll" post on Wednesday instead of Friday.  I do what I want, yo :)

A teacher at our school has a corn snake as a class pet.  Wouldn't you know it, my girls LOVE Roxie!  They want to hold her ALL the time, and bring her to the library so that I can love on her too!  Oh boy!

Due to snow days, the Valentine's dance at school was postponed until this past week.  Libby was too young to go, but Kyndall had a terrific time with all her friends!

On Sunday, the whole neighborhood took advantage of the gorgeous weather.  Cohen and Micah came down and all the kids road their 'green machines' around.  We even let Max out, with his shock collar but without his leash.  He did SO well, and loved being FREE!

The pond in front of my parents house always has ducks.  Almost year-round.  We went to eat there last night and counted 7 geese and around 25 ducks.  We even had to stop going up the driveway to let the geese waddle by!

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