Sunday, March 2, 2014

5 things right now

1. My five year old told me this morning that I was ruining her life. All because I vetoed her restaurant of choice for lunch. (She was kidding as she said this, but I envisioned the future and teenage years and it wasn't pretty!)

2. In my real life, I am the library media specialist (new, fancy title for librarian) at our school. Next week is the book fair, so I'll be super busy. I have a blog for our library, too. If you're interested, check here.

3. The weather has been gorgeous around here lately. In Alabama, you never know what the next day will bring, so we've been enjoying it as much as we can!

4. On Thursday, as we walked out the door to school, Max followed. He jumped in the car with the girls and it took me a full five minutes to get him out. He really wanted to go to school with us!

5.  While watching youtube videos on the top books from 2013, I saw the Clockwork Prince 'series' pop up several times.  I've read several books by this author before, so I started Clockwork Prince this week.  So far, it hasn't disappointed me!

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