Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Piggy-bank fund for Boston Marathon Treadmill

It's official, guys.  I am strongly coveting my own Boston Marathon Treadmill by ProForm.  I mean, how pretty is this?

Doesn't that just make you want to go for a run?  And as many miles as I've logged on my cheap-o treadmill, I think I deserve it!  Too bad one of our resolutions is to pay off some bills before making any non-necessary purchases.  (And I tried to convince J that this WAS necessary.  He wasn't buying it.)  That being said, I am setting a new goal--putting money in my piggy bank to buy this beauty.  By the time I've saved enough, this will probably be much cheaper, too! Ha!

My favorite thing about this treadmill?  The ifit technology.  It combines with Google Maps to let you run virtually in several locations.  The treadmill will automatically adjust it's incline with that of the route.  Obviously, the Boston Marathon is a route option.  London, New York, Honolulu-many of the most elite marathons in the world have a route on ifit.  You can also choose scenic locations--the Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Washington D.C., Mt. Rushmore, the French Riviera, the Oregon Coast.  The 2012 Olympic Torch Run route.  I could go on and on. (And trust me, to J, I have gone on and on and on!)

It's as close as you can come to running outside without actually running outside.  And I'm so jealous of every single person who has one.  One day.  One day, I'll have my own :)

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