Monday, January 20, 2014

Our #MLK Day. Pictures + Words.

We started out our holiday break by sleeping until 8:45.  Yes, you read that correctly-- 8:45! Yay!! When we finally got moving, the girls requested a nutritious pancake breakfast.  (Just kidding about the nutritious part--I didn't sneak anything in there, unless you want to count the chocolate chips!)

Two happy girls :)
We had snowman pancakes AND Hello Kitty pancakes.  That's living right, I tell you.

After breakfast, I did an easy 3 miles on the treadmill while reading my newest book.  I REALLY enjoy Maya Banks, and this novel is no exception--it's the KGI series.  The one I'm devouring right now is After the Storm.  If you've never read any of her books, go get one now.  (Disclaimer:  They can be a little racy.  Just wanted to put that out there.)

We had a late lunch at Moe's, which has easily become one of our favorite establishments.  The girls love to yell "Welcome to Moe's" with the employees when someone walks in the door.

I know that I'm partial because they belong to me, but I think these are two of the most beautiful girls in the world!
After lunch, we hit up Target and very proactively purchased the girls Valentine cards for their classes. We are going to be out of town a good bit in the next few weeks, so I thought this was a good idea!  Purchases complete, we made our way on over to the mall for some shopping and sideline entertainment.  Libby wanted to ride the rides.

I swear that gambling runs in Kyndall's blood.  She ALWAYS wants to do these machines when we see them.  She chose to spend her dollar on this rather than a toy or a carousel ride.  No, she didn't win a thing....this time.

There may or may not have been cookies purchased from the American Cookie Co.  (OK, there were.  And we ate them too fast for photos.  Sorry, not sorry!)

On the way back home, I ran through the car wash.  The girls used to be REALLY scared of the drive through car wash, so now they like to pretend they are in a tornado.  The pretend convo is hilarious.

We spent the end of our evening a little like this:

If you do not own an inside dog, you cannot understand the love we have for this beast.  Yes, he sheds and yes, he can be VERY annoying.  But it's only because he doesn't know he isn't human.  He is two times Libby's weight, but she loves for him to snuggle with her.

How did you spend your holiday?

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