Friday, January 24, 2014

Eight Confessions and a Promise

Confession:  This is what the planter on my front porch looks like.  Apparently you have to water pansy's to keep them alive.  Who knew?

Confession:  I have a cleaning lady.  She comes to my house every other Friday, and it makes my heart so happy when I walk in and smell Pine-sol and see the clean.  And knowing that I didn't have to lift a finger to make it happen.  I'm a little bit spoiled like that.

Confession:  At the beginning of 2013, I did Project Life.  If you don't know much about it, the idea is that you create one 2-page layout each week for the year.  I did really well from January until about April.  The problem with scrapbooking each week of your life is the ordinary day.  The day where nothing new happens.  And yes, there is definitely something to be said about documenting that ordinary day--your routines, your schedule, your outfits--it can also become boring.  You can only take so many pictures of your children eating waffles in their pajamas before school, and the coffee maker that keeps you going on those early mornings.  So, to make a long story short, I quit PL 2013 because of those ordinary days.  Blogging is a little bit like Project Life.  (No, I'm NOT going to quit blogging.) What I mean is, it's so much easier on the days when I have a story to tell.  When something happens other than the everyday.  I made a commitment several months ago to attempt to post everyday, or at least every other day.  That hasn't happened, and I'm not ok with that.  Because, unlike Project Life, I CAN find a story in our everyday.  A great run, a funny happening, a brag about one (or both) of the girls.  You get the picture.  And this is my public commitment to work on that.

Confession:  My girls are super smart.  Kyndall took a REALLY hard statewide assessment today.  There were 40 questions and she didn't miss any.  She is SO smart and I am so glad that learning comes easy to her.  It is something that she loves to do and I hope that never changes.

Confession:  This is what my bedroom looks like when I pack for a weekend.  Four people + 2 days = 4 bags, 4 pillows, 4 jackets, 2 seatbelt pets (because they're awesome!) and 2 activity packs for the girls (complete with books, coloring books, pens, crayons, and I-pads).

Confession:  I am so looking forward to the race this weekend, but I'm really nervous.  I trained really hard until about 2 weeks ago, then I just dropped the ball.  This is a bad habit that I have that I really need to work on.  That being said, I am anxious to see how this goes.  Fingers crossed all that previous training didn't go to waste!

Confession:  I use the word 'really' way to much.  Seriously, I think I see it about 10 times in this post alone.  What's an adjective for 'really', besides 'very'?

Confession:  I sent the above picture to my sister today.  And, let's just be honest, the answer to that question varies from day to day.

Promise:  I will have an actual story, and much better pictures, when we get back from this 'race-cation'. (That's a new word I learned on Twitter!)  See you then!

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