Friday, November 8, 2013

Via the Camera Roll

Hey guys! I've been MIA the past few days.  I am in the process of purchasing my own domain and all that jazz, and it's a bit confusing.  It's been taking up all my blog thoughts--I guess I'm a lot more technologically challenged than I thought :)

Here's a look at our week from the camera roll on my phone:

Last Friday, K was sick.  Went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep.  My girl is so tough--for her to whine and complain is rare, but for her to lay around on me and snuggle like this, I knew something was up!

On Monday, we took a trip to Huntsville to Fleet Feet.  This is the view as we were crossing the bridge.  Can I just say again that I LOVE FALL?  

All ready for school on Tuesday :)

The girls have been BEGGING me to sign them up for another run.  (They do the 1 mile fun runs.)  I did, and Kyndall insisted that we start "training."  So Tuesday afternoon, we ran our first training run.  Libby made it about 20 steps before putting her hands on her hips, huffing and puffing and saying she was just too tired.  Kyndall, however, ran a half mile pretty quickly without stopping, then walked a little, and finished up the mile with a jog.  The girl is like her mama and can't keep a consistent pace for anything!

Just resting on our pillow.... I mean, dog.... after the run.

End of soccer season party, posing with Coach Suggs.

2012-2013 Soccer team.

If you have any wisdom on the topic of owning your own domain, self-hosting, and all that goes with the blogging world, PLEASE help a girl out!

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