Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pile On The Miles, Week 2

Total Miles this Week:  7.5
Total Miles this Month: 21.5

November 5:  1 mile with my girls + 3 miles by myself = 4 miles total

November 7:  3.5 treadmill miles with Gossip Girl and Netflix.  Plus 2.5 miles walking around the craft show in Birmingham, if you're counting those.  (I'm not, since I'm pretty sure that is a slight over-exaggeration.  It was TONS of fun though!)

My first running injury happened this week.  A pain in the bottom of my right foot, at the forefront.  It started on Tuesday after my run and has gradually gotten worse.  As I'm writing this, I can barely walk on it.  I placed extra cushion on the bottom of my foot and wrapped it in an ACE bandage.  I've been icing and elevating it as much as possible today and fingers-crossed, it'll be all better tomorrow.  It will, right?  Because I need it to be REALLY badly!  Can you wish an injury away?

Anyways, go on over to Monica's blog for many, more impressive, pile on the miles reports.  And join in--she's giving away some really cool prizes!

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