Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Via the Camera Roll

Heads up--I am shamelessly copying this blog post idea from  Each week, she does a "via the camera roll" post of her photos from the previous week.  So this post is my unloading of photos from the week that didn't make it to the blog yet.  Things that are noteworthy, but not worthy of a full post all to themselves. :)

This week was homecoming week at our school.  On Friday, the entire elementary school took a field trip to the high school to join in on their pep rally.  The theme for the day was beachwear, so the girls did their thing.

 Saturday morning, we walked the Power of Pink walk in support of Carrie.

From instagram:  This is what shopping looks like with the West girls.

Sunday lunch:  Libby got new lipstick, so she BEGGED me to take a picture with her making kissy faces.  Apparently, I am in pain when I make kissy faces.

We at Crafty Cookie Boutique are updating our Etsy shop with lots of fall designs! I can't wait to do some turkey day shirts for my girls!

The Awana theme on Sunday was camo, which the girls gladly rocked.

Sunday night, the girls spent the night with Pops and Gra-Gra.  Smores were on the menu....apparently the more burned, the better.

Monday was a holiday, so we were out of school.  The girls and I spent it practicing our shooting skills.  Cause that's just how we do it in the south :)

This quote.  I love it.

Painting pumpkins.  My mama OCD so wanted to come out during this, but I held it back and let the girls do their things.

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