Sunday, October 13, 2013

UCP Half Marathon Training: 2 weeks to go and Life Happens

Sometimes, life just gets in the way of training.  I had great expectations for training this week, but they all just fell short.  I'm not ok with that, but I'm trying to be.

Sunday night was a late one, which made it impossible for me to get up for an early morning run on Monday.  Justin and I had several must-do errands to run after school/work, which led to dinner out and a late arrival back home.  All this equals a rest day on Monday.

Monday night, everything in the world happened to keep me from getting a good night's sleep--both girls woke up not once, but TWICE;  the dogs went crazy over some unknown-to-us-something and wouldn't quiet down for a while.  To top it all off, my allergies were going bonkers, so I woke up a few times in between all the other mess just to try and breathe.  When the alarm went off at 5 am Tuesday morning, I hit snooze without a second thought.  Tuesday night, we went to my little cousins' homecoming game and ran more important errands, leading to yet another rest day.

Wednesday morning I didn't even bother setting an early alarm.  I have no excuse other than just wanting decent sleep.  I did get a quick 2 mile run in on the treadmill around 8:30 Wednesday night.

Thursday was another quick run--2.5 miles on the treadmill (while watching Gossip Girl.  I am very much addicted!).  I followed that up with 5, 1-minute planks.

Sunday's long run began at 6 am.  I'm so lucky that Anna is doing this half with me and comes along for all the long runs.  As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think this run would ever have happened without her!  We got in 13 miles (my longest run yet...ever!), in 1:56:40.

After such a crappy training week, I was feeling really down about this upcoming half.  Yes, it's my first one, but I really wanted to start off with a bang.  I always set lofty goals for myself, but I think a sub-2 hour half is not unreachable for me.  I don't think it's too lofty of a goal, considering all the training I've put in.  To have such an off week this close to race-day has been upsetting.  The long run on Sunday DID help my heart a little.  I can't believe my first half is less than 15 days away!

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