Friday, October 11, 2013

First Homecoming Dance

My big girl attended her first homecoming dance this week.  Now, just to clarify, this dance IS closely monitored by teachers and parents.  The music was chosen beforehand and there were zero slow songs.  It was for 2nd through 4th graders at our school and was a fundraiser for a 4th grade field trip.  Kyndall was SO excited though.  She picked out her dress herself, which says a lot.  Normally, she could care less what I put on her.

She did a few of the dances.

And posed for lots of pictures for her photo-crazy mommy:

I have no words for this photo.  Literally, no words.
Libby wasn't technically an attendee of the dance, but since it was after school and she was there with me, she was able to go and watch.  She did get in a few dance moves in the back.

That random orange in the picture is my shirt.  Just thought I'd explain that.  

The girls came home and showed Justin all the dances they'd learned--the wobble, the Dougie... so funny!

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