Monday, August 26, 2013

Soccer STAR

Kyndall had her first soccer game last week.  Despite whatever my girl may or may not be, she is FAST.  Lightening quick.  She's also pretty aggressive, and coordinated.  Soccer is definitely her "thing."

She LOVES it.  And so do I.  Soccer is non-stop action.  I've asked Justin to duct-tape my mouth and super glue me to my chair for the next game.  I can't control myself--I just get SO into the game!

Our first game, we played another team from K's school, so all the players knew each other.  As a mama, this stressed me a little.  I didn't want any hurt feelings.  I think this made the game extra-exciting for the kids.  They were all grinning, stealing the ball from each other.  So funny!

I really want her to stick with this sport.  I know I'm partial, but she's good.  Really good.  I might even see a scholarship in her future!

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