Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Intentions.... Blah Blah Blah

Isn't it funny how one little sick girl can blow all your "intentions" right out of the water?  We've all had the sinus crud the last few weeks, thanks to our bi-polar Alabama weather, but Libby's got worse this weekend.  She started running a fever on Saturday.  Luckily, her doctor called in an antibiotic, so she was on the road to recovery as soon as we started that.  (Correction:  as soon as she started taking it.  The first two doses she sneakily spit back out, the little snot!)

So of my weekend intentions, here is what got accomplished:
1. Finish the girls AWANA cars.  Done!  These were finished and turned in on Sunday.
2. Clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen.  SCORE!
3. Project Life, Week 7 layout.  CHECK!  I'll share that later this week.
4. Take Max for a walk, on a leash.  Attempted.  Max does not like his leash.  At all.
5. Get in 2 training runs. Boo-yah!  Check this off my training schedule.
6. Organize photo folder.  Done, but sadly.  I had much fewer photos than I expected.
7. Switch out the dresser in Libby's room.  FAIL.
8. Start a photo letter book for Libby. FAIL.
9. Manicures or pedicures for the girls. Accomplished--we painted all three sets of our toes Friday night.
10. Wash clothes and prep for next week.  Halfsies-- the clothes got washed but no prep was made for the week.

Even though my intentions weren't completely successful, I did accomplish some other pretty fun things.  I hung out with one of the best sister-in-laws in the world.  I watched Pitch Perfect.  TWICE.  And the girls and I snuggled, watched movies, and consumed TONS of extra buttery popcorn.  So overall?  The weekend was a success =)

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