Monday, February 18, 2013

Introducing Max

I just realized I hadn't introduced our new family member to blogland yet.  And he has been a part of our family for a whole week already.  So, here is Max:

He is the puppy of a mutt, that we chose to call Spot, who came up to our house when we still lived at the farm.  Spot is some type of bulldog mix.  The girls have completely mistreated Max.  As is evidenced in this photo:

 And this one:

Poor thing.  Please don't call PETA on us.  Max did find my rug very entertaining.

Luckily, it's an old rug and he can have it as a toy.  Until today, Spot's puppy-daddy (the daddy of Max) has been unknown.  We weren't sure what our sweet Max was mixed with.  We knew he was going to be big-- I mean, just look at those paws.  And the boy is only 7 weeks old!  We knew he was gonna be cool.  Check out this photo:

But today, we went to the vet.  And based on experience, and measurements, and all that yada-yada, she determined that Max is most likely mixed with Great Pyrenees.  Which means that he will most likely weigh AT LEAST 100 pounds.  Male Great Pyrenees dogs can weigh up to 130 pounds, so this new family member has the potential to outweigh ME!  Wow.

So now, I am super paranoid.  We have GOT to get control of this pup, and make him be very well-mannered, before he gets too big to control.  And I am not the best dog trainer.  So any tips you have are welcomed.


  1. Just randomly stumbled on your blog, but here are the 2 greatest things with training my pups:
    1. The Gentle leader. It's a loop of fleece or nylon that loops around the muzzle and is attached to a separate collar. My dogs are 50 & 70 pounds- super strong- and this has been great with socializing them and controlling them on walks in a humane manner. It basically just pulls their head down when they pull- no choke collar.
    2. Puppy training classes. We're working with someone who comes to our house so we can work on specific things, rather than getting lost in a class. But it's totally personal preference. Word of mouth references from friends or vets are the best way to find someone, in my opinion.
    Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you very much! Awesome advice. I'll definitely check into 'the gentle leader.'