Friday, February 15, 2013

10 Weekend Intentions

Rather than letting this weekend pass by in lazy bliss, like the last several weekends of ours have done since basketball ended, I have several things I need to get accomplished.  Blogging about these 10 weekend intentions gives me a little accountability.

I purposefully put things to do with the girls on my list.  Too often, our time is spent together just sitting around watching tv, or letting them ride bikes/play outside while I read.  I wanted to be intentional about my time with them this weekend, so I added a few things to my list just for them.

1. Finish the girls' AWANA cars.
2. Clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen.
3. Project Life, week 7 layout.
4. Take Max for a walk, on a leash, for the first time.
5. Get in 2 training runs.
6. Organize a photo folder for Meme and Papa's 50th anniversary party.
7. Switch out the dresser in Libby's room--all too-little clothes go to donation.
8. Start a photo letter book for Libby. (Details to come later.)
9. Manicures or pedicures for the girls.
10. Wash clothes and prep for next week (outfits, dinner menu, lunch ideas).

Good luck to me :)

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