Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome to the world of Apple...

....computers, that is.

The girls fell asleep early Monday night.  Around 7:30, which is a record for them.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  After about 10 minutes of piddling with dishes and picking up, etc., I grabbed a Dr. Pepper, a bag of chips, and my laptop and then plopped myself down in front of the TV.

Turned computer on.  Turned TV on.  Searched for "Hart of Dixie" thinking it was Tuesday night instead of Monday night.  (BTW, if you haven't seen Hart of Dixie, it's the best show ever.  Second only to Nashville.)  Heard computer welcome noises as I searched for my show.  Realized it was Monday night, not Tuesday.  Looked at computer.  Blue Screen.  Of Death.  You know the one.

Forget about TV.  Mild heart attack occurs.  Manually shut down computer.  Try again.  No blue screen this time, but nothing else either.  To make a long story short, after several attempts to restart my computer and several emails with our tech rep from school, my computer was still dead.  Completely.

Enter Tuesday night.  If you know me at all, I don't survive without a computer.  So we drive to the nearest Best Buy where my husband purchases a MacBook Pro for me.  Nice.  Get home, open box, plug computer in.  Stare at computer for 5 minutes trying to figure out how to turn the thing on.  Feel dumb.

Enter Wednesday morning.  After a few short times of playing with my new computer, I attempt a blog post.  Can't form complete sentences.  Not sure if I like this new computer or not.  The jury is still out.  Will let you know later.   Maybe when I figure out how to scroll down on an internet page.  I need help.

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