Friday, December 7, 2012


Yesterday was one of those days that just went smoothly.  School and work--great.  Basketball practice--great.  Work on some shirts at the boutique--great.  Come home to fix supper, Kyndall starts crying and BAM, 102 fever.  Hello flu-bug!

Did you catch the part about basketball practice?  How she was perfectly fine at 4:30 for practice and then by 5:30, she was flu-central?  I mean, we haven't confirmed the flu yet, but seriously-- high fever, stomach aches, neck aches, and head aches.  What else could it be?

The silver lining?  I hate that she's sick (and that the rest of us are sitting ducks for the flu virus as of right now), but I love that we get to spend a day cuddling on the couch.  We've had blanket picnics on the living room floor with popcorn and capri suns and Zach and Cody (from Suite Life on Deck, no need to be alarmed!)  We've snuggled and read a few chapters of Junie B. Jones.  And it's only 10:00 am.

So as much as I HATE that she's sick, and that we're probably going to have to cancel some very exciting weekend plans, I'm soaking in this time with my girls.  Because life moves so fast and sometimes it takes a little sickness to slow us down a bit.

Praying for a quick recovery for K and strong immune systems for the rest of us!

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