Thursday, July 12, 2012


Today, I'm thankful.

For the rain, which we have been without for far too long.

For people who work out in the rain--utility workers, garbage men, and anyone else who I'm forgetting.  As I was driving today through the pouring down rain, I saw a garbage man, dripping wet, hop off the truck to grab a can.  As I passed him, he smiled.  Happy in spite of his circumstances.  I could learn a lot from him.

For family.

For days like today when we get to do things like this:

For yummy corn that we get to enjoy all winter.

And for many, many, many other things. 

But today, most of all, I am thankful that a dear, sweet, best friend has battled breast cancer and emerged victorious.  She had her final surgery today and it was a success.  No more cancer.  No more reconstruction.  All that's left is recovery.  And to quote her, she is now able to "close this chapter in their lives" and celebrate the future.  And that, my friends, is a lot to be thankful for!

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