Monday, July 23, 2012

Gossipy Girls

Last night was Kyndall's Girls of Grace class at church.  The lesson was on gossiping, and how we need to use our mouths for good and not for bad.  I think it was a perfect lesson--I have been amazed lately at how early we females start critiquing each other!

Here is K with her friend, Madison.

Mrs. Emily taught the lesson, and as an example, she had the girls play "The Gossip Game."  She started a secret in the first girls' ear and it was passed all around to see what it came back as.  The original line was "Mrs. Courtney likes pink hair."  It came back as "God gives us love."  Somewhere along the way, one of our girls 'churched it up!' 

Obviously,  the point of the game was to see how quickly gossip can get twisted.  That worked!  Then, Mrs. Emily explained to the girls how we can't be inviting other people to church one second and dissin' on someone the next.  God expects us to use our mouths to spread good news and say nice things.  After the lesson, the girls all had their make-up done.  Here is Macy putting blush on K...

I didn't get any photos of the final look---we had cake right after this, so I was busy cutting and serving and eating :). 

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