Friday, July 20, 2012

The Day the Chickens Came to the Farm

Chickens came to our farm yesterday.  We actually went and picked them up from my cousin Moranda and her son, Bryson.  The girls were so thrilled!  They wanted to get everything just right last night, but all we really had time to do was throw them in the house before heading out to soccer practice. 

So today, the girls and I got out there are did a little work.  First things first, we met the chickens.  The girls wanted to name them and they came up with some really original names... I convinved them there was no way to tell them apart-- Bucky would too easily be confused for Chicky.  So we decided we would just call them "the girls."   

We put golf balls in their nesting boxes to encourage the laying process.

We made sure there was extra feed and water.  

And Libby had a little conversation with one of "the girls."  Libby told her she was ready for some nice, fresh eggs and that chicken just looked at her so funny.  Then, I'm pretty sure, it said "Lay your own eggs!"  Ha, just kidding.  Our chickens are going to be sweet chickens :)

Then we did a little touch-up painting to the outside of the chicken house.  It looks much better now. 

Notice that red spot in Kyndall's hair?? That's what happens when you paint with Libby! :)

Well that takes another to-do item off the big list.  I only hope these chickens fare better than the previous ones did.  I won't describe the things that happened to those poor chickens, I'll only say it wasn't very pretty.

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