Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Surprises

Birthday's are always so much fun!! I love that, for my girls, they get to have "birthday weeks" instead of just a day!  Earlier this week, we got chickens for the girls.  Birthday surprise numero uno.  Today, Pops and Gra-Gra took the girls to pick out bicycles.  Birthday surprise numero dos.

Here the girls are modeling their new bikes:

And of course, my safety-conscious daughter (that would be Kyndall) insisted on helmets, knee-pads, and elbow-pads.  Not that I have an issue with these was just funny that she wanted them so badly!

The girls rode their bikes around and around on Gra-Gra and Pops' concrete this evening.  They were so proud and felt like such big girls!  And we still have their birthday party coming up, and their actual birthDAYs! :)

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