Thursday, July 26, 2012

An adventure

Adventures are always so much fun!  A little scary, but mostly, lots of fun.  Carrie and I started talking about a little adventure a few weeks ago.  That little adventure has grown, like all good adventures do, into a full-blown amazing thing. 

A few weeks ago, we decided to purchase a heat press machine.  This is a lot like a screen printing machine, but the designs are made on the computer, printed, and then heat pressed onto the shirts using a special transfer paper.  Super cute designs can be made.  Our original intention was to be able to make cute shirts for our kids.  Once the machine came in, we thought "Hey! We should market this, sale a few shirts, and maybe make back the money it cost us to purchase the machine!" 

So began the Crafty Cookie Boutique.  (Crafty Cookie.  CC.  You know, like Carrie and Courtney?? Get it?  Anyways.)  We created a facebook business page and things just went up from there!  After only 48 hours of being 'official', we already had several orders.  We couldn't be more excited!  The past few days, we have been designing and printing like crazy!! 

I was able to make birthday shirts for the girls to wear to the party--here is a sneak peek!

Here are a few more images we have designed:

And I'm so excited to make more!! It's almost addictive, playing on the computer and creating new shirt designs!  The craft-nerd in me gets a little rush everytime a cute design comes together! Of course, it's just as exciting to sale a shirt too.  =)

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