Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Party Bash **Warning: Photo Overload**

This year, the girls decided to have their party at Chuck-E-Cheese.  It drove my little planning-heart crazy to let someone else do everything, but I gave in.  They were so excited.  I think the biggest thrill for them was getting to go into the "Ticket Blaster" and catch as many tickets as possible.  And of course, there was a magic "1000 Ticket" card. 

Here the girls are waiting for the party to start.

They both rode in the car with Chuck-E.

(I'm not quite sure what happened with Kyndall's face in the above picture, but it's the only one I have.)  The girls played LOTS of games.

And here they are with our party hostess.

And this is my prize-winning shot.  These are their faces just as they were seeing Chuck-E come out to celebrate their birthday.  Priceless.

The long-awaited ticket blaster.  I was so expecting Kyndall to jump in here and go bonkers trying to grab tickets, but that is not how it went down.  She had a strategy.  She calmly collected tickets a handful at a time with her right hand and held them in her left hand.  Somewhere during her 30 second of ticket-catching time, she caught the 1000 Ticket card with her foot.   

Libby was a little scared of the sound the ticket blaster made, so Justin got to go in with her.

And here are most of our party guests--a few had already left before I remembered to snap a group photo.

And of course, here's Mommy with the party girls...

And Daddy with the party girls.

The girls had a blast at their birthday bash.  When we got in the car to leave, Kyndall said this party was her best day ever.  And even though I stressed about handing over control of the party to someone else, it was really nice to walk in Chuck-E-Cheese with just the party girls and my camera.  Birthday party day was a huge success.  Now, we get to celebrate each girls' actual birthDAY! =)

And a huge thanks goes out to all our friends and family who came to celebrate this special day with us--it wouldn't have been the same without you!!

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