Monday, July 30, 2012

A birthday story, part one

Four years ago today, we headed to Huntsville Hospital to meet our 2nd baby girl.  I was scheduled to be induced that morning, and my first labor had gone very quickly, so we all headed over bright and early.  All being all the grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.  We got to HH and settled in pretty quickly, but it was a little after 8 before the nurses started my induction process.  I was given an epidural right away, so I never felt any pain at all.  (Anyone who is about to have a baby should ask me to share my delivery stories--they're all good!) 

Things didn't go as quickly as they had the first time around.  We were all just relaxing in the room (some in the waiting area).  Around 12:30pm, I told the nurse that I felt pressure on my hips.  I hadn't been checked in a while, so the nurse looked to see how things were progressing.  (Is that TMI? Cause it's probably about to get more TMI.)  At this point, only my mom and Kyndall were in the room with me.  Kyndall was actually napping on the pull out sofa--all the new baby excitement had gotten to her!  When the nurse started to check me, I had to shift my position a good bit.  That pressure I had felt?  Libby had been stuck on my right hipbone, so when I shifted, she became unlodged and was almost delivered by the nurse, and without her daddy present! 

The look on that nurse's face was priceless!! She quickly told me not to move a muscle and jumped up to page the doctor.  My mom jumped up, grabbed Kyndall, and ran to get Justin.  It all happened so fast from there.  The delivery was quick and easy and within minutes we were holding our baby girl.  And our little family of three had quickly become a party of four. 

Born at 12:47, weighing 6 pounds, 9 1/2 ounces, Libby Brooke West.

Happy birthday baby girl!

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