Friday, June 8, 2012

Oakley's Spa Day

About once a year, I take Oakley for a "spa day."  I call it that because if I say that awful 'g' word (you know...."groomer"), he runs and hides under the bed and will not come out.  So on his annual spa day, Oakley gets his hair washed, cut, and styled (with a bow that he despises);  his nails trimmed;  his teeth cleaned;  and something I will not talk about done to his anal glands.  He comes back feeling like a brand new man dog.  This year, his poor hair had gotten REALLY bad.  Here is the before photo:

He is so ashamed, he's hiding his face.  Sad, I know.
And here is the after: 
Oh, I do believe he found his swagger.

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