Friday, June 8, 2012

My Pinterest-Inspired Home

I was going through my pinterest photos earlier to select the ones I wanted to show my contractor.  While I was selecting them, I thought I would share them on here as well.  Maybe I can even get a little reader weigh-in on some things.  Behold, my pinterest-inspired home, in photos.
Glass shower
Master bathroom shower--I'm sure it will be a headache to clean, but isn't it beautiful?

Pinned Image
Our stairs will be very similar to these--open on one side most of the way up. 

Pinned Image
I'll have a small breakfast nook that I hope looks exactly like this.
Pinned Image
Somewhere, I want a sliding barn door.  Either going into my home office or into our master bathroom.
Perfect for the back door.
Mudroom organization MUST have.
And now for the main course.  I have selected three similar, but different kitchen images.  I am struggling on what type of cabinets I want.  All white, white with dark brown glaze, white with black glaze.....AGH!  Please vote in the comments section for Kitchen A, B, or C.  (Keep in mind this is just cabinet color, not arrangement or door style.)
Pinned Image
Kitchen A
Pinned Image
Kitchen B
Pinned Image
Kitchen C

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