Saturday, June 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

We spent our Saturday out on the lake with my parents, riding the jet ski, cruising in the boat, jumping off rocks and stuff.  My girls are absolute river rats, but the lake version.  Come to think of it, they love any form of water--ocean, lake, river, pool--it doesn't matter.      
Cruising around with Daddy.

A fun ride for Mom.

Super fun boat ride.

She SO wanted to drive by herself.  Not sure the water patrol would have liked that....
And Saturday night, as if our day on the water wasn't exhausting enough, we went to the Rodeo.  The girls loved watching the cowboys and cowgirls do their thing.  My favorite part is always the bullriding and watching the bull fighters.  Those guys are insane!! No fear.  Kyndall really loved watching the girls barrell race.  She even decided she wanted to do that one day.  You know, along with an entire list of other things she wants to do one day! =)

Enraptured by the cowboys (with our cousin Bryson)

Riding the mechanical bull.... Libby wasn't quite big enough for this!

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