Friday, October 24, 2014

Week In the Life 2014

Next week begins Ali Edwards’ yearly project “A Week in the Life.”  I’ve joined in on this little project for about 4 (maybe 5) years now and I love it.  It’s so fun to go back and see what we were doing a year ago.  The little things-snacks we purchased, shows we loved, house d├ęcor, etc.

You can see my last year’s posts and pages here.  Last year captured the week of September 9-15, so I'm a little off from being exactly a year apart.  Oh well.

It’s just so EASY.  Seriously.  I download Ali’s templates so that all I have to do is drag and drop the photos into the template and it’s all done.  In years’ past, I’ve just carried a notebook/phone around with me to jot down notes about our day.  This year, I’m using the notes section in my Erin Condren planner.

Next week, I’ll be posting each day’s photos + words.  (I’ll share the layouts later.)  Sunday’s photos + words will show on Monday, etc.

One thing I really aim to do is put more words on my pages.  I got all the journaling down on my daily blog posts, but not on the pages.  When I looked back, I had to go to the blog page to undertand some of the photos.  So more words is definitely a goal for this time around.

If you are participating as well, let me know!

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