Friday, September 26, 2014

Madam Vice President

As I mentioned in this post, Kyndall ran for Vice President of our school's Student Council last week.  There were 12 students running for this position, and Kyndall had to give a speech in front of around three hundred people.  (Deep down inside, I wanted to talk her out of it.  I didn't even try, but I sooo wanted to.  How scary!  She's only 8!)  She did AWESOME.  They all did, really.  I was super impressed with every student who had the guts to get up and speak in front of that crowd.

Just in case you missed it, she had some super creative posters.....

And her speech was riveting.

From the original vote, Kyndall and one other girl tied, so there had to be a run-off.  After the run-off votes were counted, it was official.  My daughter is now the Vice President of our school. :)

Of course, there were inductions, complete with certificate.

How about that smile? Ha!

Don't think I don't use this to my advantage.  Does a VP be mean to her sister?  I think a VP would unload that dishwasher.  That is not the attitude of a VP.  (I'm a horrible mom.  She's never running for office again, is she?)

SO very proud of my little VP!

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