Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I know I've done this twice before, but pregnancy is ex-haust-ing!! Even more so the third time around.  So please forgive my lack of posting--I've been doing lots of sitting around, eating, and sleeping....oh and, you know, growing a baby :)

We spent a few days around the 4th snuggling with this guy.  Kristi, Luke, and West came in to spend the long weekend at their parents and we all got in lots of loving from West.

It's amazing how quickly babies grow.  He had changed so much since the last time we saw him in May!

I know I still have plenty of time to get ready for the new baby, but the summer is my ideal time to do these things.  Because I have the time.  I spent several hours working in Libby's room, cleaning out.  That girl is a hoarder and you may see her one day on the tv show.  It's ridiculous.

Speaking of getting ready for the new baby,  am loving this twin bed for the girls' rooms.  Drawers underneath and a bookshelf as a headboard?  Perfect!

We went to Courtland to Justin's granddad's house.  Carried on the tradition of putting pennies on the railroad tracks.  

Blackberry jam.  YUM!

If you looked super closely, you could see that the girls are holding a baby lizard.  They insisted on a photo.

The girls spent the night with GraGra and learned how to sew.  Kyndall designed this dress and Libby came home with skirts for Cherry.

And most recently, Libby was diagnosed with strep throat :( .  Of course, Dr. Hull was on vacation so we had to go to the doc-in-a-box instead.  Thankfully, we were in and out within thirty minutes and she is feeling so much better now!

And that is what's been going on around here.  Again, forgive me for the lack of posts.  If memory serves, this exhaustion will go away soon and I can resume a regular posting schedule :)

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