Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Honeymoon Story

Justin and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary in August.  (August 14th, to be exact, in case you want to send gifts.)  It makes me feel old just saying that.

It seems like just yesterday that we were at that old go-cart track meeting for the first time.  (Yes, go-cart track. That's another story for another day.)  I have several posts planned about our relationship--How We Met, Wedding, etc. in honor of our upcoming anniversary.

Today, I thought I would share the story of our honeymoon.  I apologize in advance for the quality of these photos.  Ten years ago, I only printed photos, so these are pictures of pictures.  (Even scanning didn't turn out so well....)

For our honeymoon, we went to Negril, Jamaica.  It was the closest thing to heaven-on-earth that I can imagine.  Our room was right on the beach, about fifteen feet from the ocean.  We had double doors that opened to the beach, with a hammock in a tree about five feet away.  Paradise.  The below photo was taken standing in the doorway of our room.

Being Jamaica, there were several ladies (mostly from countries other than the USA) who chose to sunbathe topless.  (Our resort did border the nude resort, but I'm not even going to get into the grossness of that.  If it's your thing, more power to you, but I do not want my behind sitting on the same seat that someone else's sweaty, naked behind has been on.)

One such well-endowed beach goer would park her topless self right in front of my view every single morning.  When we were in the room, I would close the curtains to our doors, because who wants to stare at someone's boobs all day?  I would turn around, and the curtains would be open.  I'd close them.  They'd open back up.  Close.  Open.  Apparently, my new hubby didn't mind the view.

Disclaimer:  I have teased Justin with that story for the entire ten years that we have been married.  The ocean really was a gorgeous view, that neither of us wanted to miss.  =)

The resort was Sandals All-Inclusive, so each night we made reservations at one of the different restaurants on the resort.  The food was amazing.  (If you've never stayed at a Sandals Resort, it is a must.  If you want to feel rich and famous, that is.)

We also enjoyed several excursions--we went canoeing across to a small island about a hundred yards of the coast of our beach.

We rode the Hobie-Cat almost every day.  (A Hobie-Cat is almost like a small sailboat, with two 'floats' on either side.)  It was actually on the Hobie-Cat that I first thought I wasn't going to make it back home.  While we were out, a storm blew in, and these newly married Wests almost didn't make it back to shore.

We took a taxi to Rick's Cafe, where the locals dive off cliffs that are 100 feet high.  My new hubby thought it would be awesome to do as the locals did and take a dive off the cliff.  (It was here that I first thought I would be traveling home alone after only a few days of marriage.)  Obviously, he survived the jump.

All jokes aside, the only time I was truly afraid was on our van ride back to the airport.  As we were driving along, we were stopped by several plain-clothed Jamaicans holding machine guns.  I say plain-clothed to let you know that these were not members of the Jamaican police.  I'm not quite sure what they were members of, but it didn't look good.  And yes, real machine guns.  After a few moments (probably two but it felt like two-hundred), the men waved us along and we continued to the airport.

We absolutely loved our trip to Jamaica and would love to go back.  It'll probably be our 25th anniversary before we can afford it though :)

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