Monday, June 9, 2014

Beach Trip Number Two

We left last Saturday and spent an entire week at the beach with my family--the four of us, my parents, my grandparents, my sister, and her boyfriend.  You know you had a good trip when you didn't stop long enough to take many pictures!

We stayed at the Caribe resort in Orange Beach, AL, which is actually on the bay side, not the beach side.  It was the first (and probably last) time we have not stayed ON the beach.  While the resort was wonderful (and full of pools, slides, and a lazy river), the trek to the beach was tough.  We only made it one morning and we are beach lovers.  It was just too much.

Each night, Mal and Trey switched up between the air mattress and the pull-out couch and the girls switched up between them.

We spent a day at Waterville and the girls slid their hearts out.  Their favorite was the 6-man tube slide because they could race everyone:

From left to right in the above photo:  Mallory, Kyndall, Justin, Trey, Mark, and Libby.  (Apparently, Mark and Trey cheated and went before the lady at the top said go, but that is only hearsay.)

On the one day that we did go to the beach, the girls caught a live starfish.  They kept it and showed it off to anyone who would look for several hours, and then threw it back before we headed up to the room.

On yet another day, we visited the USS Alabama.  Justin and Trey explored every.single.inch of the ship.  The rest of us did a quick look-through and then waited, like this:

Don't get me wrong, exploring the ship was neat.  It was a navy ship that was in the fleet during WWII.  I just didn't feel the need to explore each inch (and reenact the scenes from those times, but you didn't hear that from me!)

Apparently, Justin was pretending he was a navy captain :)

We spent 90% of our time at the resort's pools and absolutely loved it.  

I forced bribed talked the girls into a beach photo shoot that lasted approximately 3.2 minutes.  This was as good as it got.

We are so extremely blessed to have been able to take two family beach trips so close together.  We are now home to enjoy the rest of our summer, but we made some awesome memories!

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