Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Life Tuesday

I took it way back to Week 1 this time.  Week 1 and the current week, 21.  Week 1 is completed with the Kraft kit, but I pulled out the Amber Edition with Week 21.  I know now why I struggled using just one kit--I feel like I repeat my favorite pieces over and over.  Having multiple kits is a good thing, as long as I don't get too carried away with it.

Week 1

Journaling, left side middle:  We kicked off 2014 with good friends. The Johnsons, the Smiths, and Madi :) We made it to just afer midnight before we’d had all the fun we could take!  The above photo was taken at exactly 12:01 on January 1st, 2014. The girls and I went to the movies, just us, to see Walking With Dinosaurs.  They are loving these blue sweatshirts and pink scarves that Gra-Gra got them.

Journaling, right side, top:  The girls asked for a Family Game Night with everyone (meaning Gra-Gra, Pops, Mal-Mal, Trey, Robin, Ali, Meme, Papa, Mama, and Daddy), so that is what they got! We all played a few rounds of HeadBandz before moving to Cranium.  It was so much fun, and so very FUNNY. Watching my dad and papa act things out, or attempt to sing, was side-splitting.  At one point, Trey even picked up Justin and shook him around to model the ‘heimlech maneuver.’  We hope to make Family Game Night a monthly tradition.

Journaling, right side, middle:  Sunday lunch at Red Lobster--one of our favorite places to eat!   The
way we are sitting is so typical, because Libby usually demands to sit by me, while Kyndall is just fine with her daddy.

Week 21

Journaling, left side, middle:  Last week, the girls went to the dentist and we found out that Libby had FIVE cavities.  On Tuesday, we visited a pediatric dentist.  It was a horrible, awful experience.  We went to a different pediatric dentist on Thursday, and it was a total difference.  The dentist on Thursday was AMAZING!

Journaling, left side, bottom:  Another busy week!  On Monday afternoon, Libby rode the bus home with Riley for a long-overdue play date.  We also had a faculty meeting after school, so Pops picked Kyndall up for the afternoon.  After the meeting, I was left kid-free for a few hours and hardly knew what to do with myself!  Tuesday, Libby had an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Decatur
to see about taking care of the worst cavity from last week.  I left the office near tears--it was a very traumatic experience and I hope to never replicate it.  Wednesday, school was a buzz.  We had Move-Up Day, and both girls got to meet their teachers for next year.  Libby had Splash Day, Kyndall had her year end party AND the Pride Program.

Journaling, right side, top:  Thursday morning, Libby had an appointment with a different (and MUCH better) pediatric dentist.  He pulled the tooth that was so decayed (it was a baby tooth
anyway) and we made an appointment for the following week for further dental fixes.  Bless her poor heart, she is just going to have bad teeth.  After her dentist visit, we headed south for some beach time and much-needed West snuggles.  Seeing Aunt Kristi and “Aunt Luke” was just an added bonus :) The girls LOVED West near to death--Kyndall changed his diapers and they both fought over who was going to get to feed him his bottle.  They were such good little mommies and our beach trip was SO much fun!

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